Caroline will be YOUR VOICE in congress as MA District 5 Representative


The Economy

·       Regulate commerce to conform to our nation’s values and not the ideologies of political parties. 

·       Promote American industry by giving states assistance in creating jobs programs for all workers of various skills and income levels.  

·       The federal deficit must not place unreasonable burdens on future generations.

·       Tax policies should raise only the minimum revenue necessary to fund functions of government.


Every time we go to the supermarket, pay a fuel bill, take a vacation... and pretty much everything else, we see the crushing force of inflation Our struggles to make ends meet are the direct result of out-of-control spending supported by President Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and my opponent Katherine Clark. 

Progressive spending policies have resulted in the highest price increases in over four decades. Irresponsible spending affects us right now, and it has created unsustainable amounts of debt that will burden generations to come. 


Despite unprecedented federal spending by the Biden Administration and Congresswoman Clark they continue to promise even more uncontrolled spending policies. Continued runaway inflation is robing middle-class citizens of their standard of living and decreasing the value of their life's savings.  


This cannot be allowed to continue.  


I ask you to elect me to Congress to be your representative. I pledge to fight out-of-control spending. Together we can bring inflation under control. Let's protect your savings... and your children's future. 

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  • Here in Massachusetts, we pay some of the highest energy rates in the nation, and it’s about to get much worse. Members of Congress support irresponsible energy policies that will leave us all out in the cold this winter.  

  • We must take a multi-faceted approach to lowering energy costs here in Massachusetts.

  • I’ll support sound energy policies that increase oil and gas production and infrastructure, expand hydropower and nuclear, as well as the practical use of wind and solar. 

  • Help me bring a common sense approach to our energy future that will restore affordable energy rates to the people of Massachusetts.

Term Limits

·       Ensure tax and spend lifetime politicians can’t do any more damage to our republic. 

·       Day one PROMISE to my constituents, that I will propose that Representatives in the House serve no more than 3 consecutive 2-year terms. Senators will not serve more than 2 consecutive 6-year terms.

·       Elected Officials must provide financial disclosure before and after serving public office and must account for any financial gains during that period. 

Every Vote Counts

Fair Elections
& Accountability

·       One vote per legal US Citizen.

·       Resolve confusion on Voter ID laws and provide States assistance in the enforcement of voter programs.

·       Any public official or group that denies or violates voter rights will be subject to prosecution under new Federal laws.  

National Security

·       Ensure that we are the strongest and most mobile force in the world. 

·       Our troops and their families are at the center of all we do, with respect to current and former members of our military. Those who make it back home... and the ones that gave the ultimate sacrifice.

·       Protect our nation's borders and keep our agents safe from dangerous drugs, gangs/cartels, and terrorists that want to decay our way of life and destroy our foundations. 

·       America must be a welcoming nation – one that promotes patriotic assimilation as we have in generations past.  We are governed by laws that are fair, humane, and enforced to protect all citizens.

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Protecting Our Constitution

·       Regulations and laws must not breach constitutional principles of limited government and the separation of powers, including protection of individual amendments to our Constitution.

·       The federal powers are limited to those named in the Constitution and should be exercised to protect the rights of its citizens.

·       In the past 2 years, we have seen abuses of power by executive action that have been overturned by the Courts. This must stop!

American Values

·       Help states navigate challenging issues such as Mental Health, Addiction, Adoption, single parent, and family programs

·       Giving the Department of Education the power to institute teaching programs for American history and civics programs for early childhood and middle schools

·       Promote regulations that provide unity and education for all. Hold school boards and states accountable for indoctrination of programs that divide their students through discriminatory practices that teach against the parents' will.  

·       Encouraging Religious and non-religious non-profit programs to seek funding for programs that promote American virtue and strengthen our way of life. 

American Flag