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The Full Story

About Caroline

Caroline Colarusso was born and raised in Boston’s North End. As a young girl, she attended St. John’s Elementary School and Julie Billiart High School before graduating magna cum laude from Emmanuel College in Boston. Most importantly, she is a devoted mother and wife. She is married to her husband Joe, also from the North End. They have three adult sons.


A History in the  Community

For nearly three decades, Caroline has lived in Stoneham, Mass., where she and Joe raised their children. She has been very active within her community and she believes in giving back. She served as a Learn to Skate instructor for toddlers, a Stoneham Youth Hockey coach, and was a member of the Stoneham Youth Hockey board of directors. When the Stoneham High School Girls Varsity Ice Hockey team at Stoneham High was experiencing low participation rates, Caroline volunteered to assist with coaching and recruiting girls so the program would be sustainable and thrive in the future. Today, the girls' hockey team is a vibrant organization. Caroline is a huge supporter of women in sports.

Real Life Experience

Before being elected to the Board of Selectmen, where she served two terms, Caroline also served on the Finance and Advisory Board for five years, earning a reputation as a fiscal watchdog for the taxpayers.


Professionally, Caroline is a manager. For 27 years she worked for the U.S. Postal Service, where she was responsible for overseeing troubled operations with multimillion-dollar budgets. Caroline was tasked with transforming these offices from unprofitable to breaking even and then moving towards profitability.


She has managed staffs of over 100 employees and 6-12 managers. Her work received several performance awards.

Post Office Award_edited.jpeg

A Passionate Volunteer and Leader

Caroline is a community volunteer, professional manager, and dedicated public servant.

Caroline is a passionate advocate for the early detection of Alzheimer’s Disease, having cared for her late mother Rose, who suffered from a rare form of the disease.

Throughout the community, Caroline is known for her ability to place people first, without regard to politics or party affiliation

Help Caroline use these real-world skills to become the next Congressperson from MA.


She will be the voice in Washington that you deserve.

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