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  • Caroline Colarusso

Now is the time for School Choice!

Katherine Clark Opposes School Choice. Why? See the list of Special Interest Groups Funding Her Campaign Account.

Oct 8, 2022

Students and parents in Malden woke up to a harsh reality Monday morning to find out school is canceled for students in grades K-12 because teachers' unions have called a strike. Thousands of students will not be in their classrooms today. When school district officials and teachers' unions fail to come to an agreement our students suffer needlessly, and this further negatively affects our children who are already falling behind from long-term Covid lockdowns.

According to the commentary from those interviewed, teachers are citing record inflation and the need for higher salaries as one of the reasons to strike. The failure of the Biden / Clark economic policies is the reason we are experiencing record-setting inflation in the first place, and the need for higher wages for teachers.

Read The Full Article Online Here

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